White Pants: To Wear Or Not To Wear

That is the question! Some people would just instinctively say no without a second thought, and others would say “why not?”. Maybe all of the people who won’t even go near white pants have been scarred for life by seeing others wearing them when they probably shouldn’t be; maybe they just don’t have the right body type for it; maybe they simply listened to everyone else who was screaming no, no, no! Well, we may never know the answer to these great mysteries of the world but that won’t stop me from trying to get to the bottom of this story.

Obviously there are a few drawbacks to wearing white pants that would be hard to deny. For example, white things get dirty and stained easier than any other color I can think of right now; you may think that you are a very clean and neat kind of person but that can only help so much before the inevitable happens. The fact is that you just can’t control everything that happens to you. Think about it, have you ever sat down somewhere that looked clean but then you later found out that you had an embarrassing stain on your otherwise clean white pants? It is not a good look, trust me on that one! But that is only the beginning of where things can go wrong; if you live or work in a city then you are going to notice that the hems around the bottom of your pants will start to get stained very quickly just from all of the dirt you’re walking around on all day.

And now we get to the skinny white jeans, which are one of the biggest sources of the controversy on this issue simply because some people just shouldn’t be wearing them while they’re out in public. Unless you have a great figure, and curves in all of the right places that you want to show off, then I am sorry to say that tight white pants may not be the right look for you. It’s not just body shape that can be a problem either, you also have to think about how transparent some tight white pants can be. Some people just don’t want to see the outline of your butt, or your rainbow colored g-string, showing through! I’m sure the guys wouldn’t mind though, so I guess it just depends on the situation after all.

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