White Linen Dress

There is no better way to enjoy summer than by wearing a white linen dress. This piece of clothing has been the classic thing that many women all over the world wear in hot weather. The crisp appearance as well as the comfort you get from these white dresses makes them perfect to have for the summer. They are exactly what you need to stay fashionable during the hot weather. Here are some things that can help you make the right choice:

Always get a dress with a lining. This will make sure that your dress hangs well on your body without sticking in all the wrong places. In addition, you will be able to avoid displaying sweat marks if you get one with lining. The fact that it is white too really means that lining is a must.

Make sure it can be machine washed. It is common for linen garments to have to be taken to the dry cleaner but this would be costly. Always make it a point to check the tag and see whether you can wash it by hand or by machine. This will prevent you from regretting your purchase when you get home.

Check and make sure that you get the right style. This is very important since it will be what determines how you will look in your dress. If you have a nicely shaped body, then you can go for anything you fancy, otherwise; you really should be picky when it comes to the style.

Choose the right color. White actually comes in so many different shades that you can choose from so try and get something that suites your skin tone. For lighter skinned women, it is best that you find something a little darker since extra white shades may give you a washed out look.

Once you have found something that you think will look good on you the next step is wearing the dress correctly. Here are some tips:

Wear it to the right places. Linen can be very versatile but you need to be sure that you have the right look for the place you are going. You don’t want to look under or over dressed so be careful when it comes to this.

Use the right jewelry. Depending on the look you want to get, you should be able to find something to go with your dress. Summer time is noted for vibrant colors so try something colorful with your dress. Formally, you should stick with gold, silver or pearl to be safe.

Be careful with your footwear. The fact is the kind of footwear that you choose to use will greatly make or break your appearance. For formal events, you should stick to high heels. Casually though, you can go for other comfortable designs such as flip flops or platforms.

Make sure it isn’t see through. We talked about this issue with the white lace dress, but it also applies here as well. Even if your dress has lining, it may still be transparent. Should this be the case, you need to wear something in addition to the lining such as a slip. An easy way to minimize this is to use skin tone undergarments that won’t be easily visible.

When it comes to the white linen dress, there really are so many ways that you can wear them. The key is to choose the right dress and wear it correctly to get the most out of your dress.

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