What Is The Latest Fashion Trend? Your Own!

What we mean when we refer to style? Style, or better yet personal style if you like, is how each woman mixes and matches her clothes and furthermore the kind of clothes every one of us chooses to wear. The question is how we make our personal style?

The key to the existence of a personal style is not to be a fashion victim. You do not HAVE to buy and wear everything and anything you see in stores and/or in magazines. Sure, they may look nice in the pictures while being worn by super models and having a team of people work on them, however, you have to remember that this is not always the case in real life. We just can’t make every piece of ladies clothes work for us. The rule is that we should only choose those that flatter us and combine them with the existing clothes in our wardrobe. Ladies,
clothes are out there, you just have to find the right ones for you and just you.

We must be objective and honest with ourselves when it comes to choosing the right clothes. Some work for us and some simply don’t. There is no one forcing us to wear something that makes us feel uncomfortable or even make us look ridiculous. We should not be slaves to fashion. If the popular fashion choices don’t work on us … we just don’t follow. That’s simple, right?

As much as we may like a pair of Prada shoes or a wonderful Chanel purse, we should always consider if that fits our personal lifestyle. Can we combine it with other ladies clothes in our wardrobe? Can we afford it? If you answered no to any of these, then you should move on to the next shop – there are plenty of them!

Our clothes should reflect our personality, not the personality of each great saleswoman in every store. We must be able to refuse to buy something, just because a saleswoman told us that when we put it on we look stunning. She is doing her job, she can’t say otherwise! Imagine one of them saying that this green shirt makes us look like a cucumber. Hard to picture that, isn’t it?

Also, we should never rely on what our other friends and/or colleagues wear. Our unique style is what makes us stand out. Find your own colors, your own designs, and your own skirt length! You decide what you want to wear and that’s the only way to create a wardrobe full of ladies clothes that make you feel good for yourself and comfortable with those around you.

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