Swim Shorts – Popular Beach Wear and Fashion Statement

Nowadays, a lot of people wear swim shorts which are also sometimes referred to as board shorts.  Swim shorts originated as a fashion for men, but now they have grown to also be part of standard women’s beach and swimwear.  Both sexes wear them to cover up and preserve a little modesty as the rest of the world frolics in the age of bikinis, speedos and body-exposing fashion.

Men’s swim shorts are usually longer than women’s swim shorts and come down to the knee.  They can be made of any quick drying material, but you will usually find polyester or nylon swim shorts in your local surf store.  Their other name “board shorts” comes from the fact that they are usually worn while participating in water sports that involve a board such as surfing.  In Australia, the term “boardies” is used to refer to swim shorts and in South Africa they are commonly referred to as “baggies”.  Although swim shorts usually come in bright colours with Hawaiian patterns, black swim shorts are popular because they don’t turn up with stains from everyday wear and tear at the beach. 
Swim shorts have taken their fashion past the beaches and into everyday life including the skate park in many parts of the world, especially North America and Australia.

On the other hand, women’s swim shorts tend to be fairly short although a few girls still adopt the knee-length look.  It is less common to see women wearing swim shorts away from the beach than it is for men.  Most women wear swim shorts to preserve their modesty by covering up the skin that’s exposed on the lower body by normal bikinis.  Women almost always wear bikini bottoms under their swim shorts, although it is possible to wear them as is.

You can buy swim shorts at any surf store and most department stores.  If you are looking for cheap swim shorts, you can try wholesalers and in general, your cheap swim shorts will be about the same quality as more expensive ones.  The most important thing when purchasing swim shorts is to ensure that they are comfortable and dry quickly.  Also, you should try to get a pair with both a lace up tie and Velcro to secure it if you intend to wear it to surf.  This provides a double protection against your shorts getting pulled off by the force of the wave if you wipe out.

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