Sweet 16 Dresses

To celebrate entrance into womanhood, many girls love to hold sweet sixteen parties. If you are planning to hold such a party, sweet 16 dresses will be the first thing on your mind. You really have so many choices in this regard but since you can only choose one, you need to carefully make that choice.

The color

This is one of the first things that you may have in mind. Though pink and blue are probably the most common choices for these occasions, you really don’t have to stick to these. You can come up with your own unique combination if you are creative. For example, white dresses will work well especially if they have colored ribbons or patterns on them.

A good way to get inspired about which colors to use is to pick up a fashion magazine Generally though, you’ll be looking for something light since these are perfect for this age. Stay away from the black and dark dresses which give a more mature look.

The length

In general, these dresses are expected to be short in nature. The cocktail dress style is simply able to give you that young woman look that you want to get. So go for something above the knee. It really doesn’t have to be too short but just be able to show some leg with your dress.

If you are planning a real ball, you would need to find one of those princesses like gowns which are longer in nature.

The style

This is probably the most important part of selecting your dress. Pictures are a good thing to have in this stage. Go online and get a real idea of the styles that are mentioned. You can then picture yourself wearing that and see if it would be a good idea. You don’t have to stick to a single style and you can have so many styles in mind. This will make you more flexible.

Once you have a good idea of what you are looking for, you can now go out and find something that fits that description. Make sure you have access to a full length mirror when trying on the dress so you don’t miss anything. Sometimes looks can be deceiving so it will also be helpful to have some critic friends with you when you go out.

When you find something that you like and that looks good on you, you can also try on footwear that you think would look good with it. Having on the dress when you are shopping for footwear is one of the safest ways to get something that matches well.

With your dress and footwear done, you can now take a look at the accessories you use. You probably need a nice wallet or purse to go with the dress. Jewelry will also be needed. When you are looking for these, always have your dress in mind. You would need to avoid getting that over decorated appearance by wearing the right kind of jewelry.

Sweet 16 dresses are surely something that you can only wear once in your life. When your chance comes, take time and find that perfect dress to celebrate your new stage in life.

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