Receiving Blankets: A Parent’s Guide

A receiving blanket is a soft, light blanket which is used to wrap a baby. There are a number of uses for receiving blankets, and many new mums like to keep a stack round the house for diverse jobs. Blankets are sometimes given as gifts at baby showers or parties to celebrate a new mummy, and they’re widely available from stores which stock baby supplies.

These blankets are huge enough to wrap a baby soundly without being unwieldy. As well as being a traditional convention, swaddling also seems to be useful for babies, as it can help calm them down. Receiving blankets may also be draped across a baby in a push chair for heat, used for speedy layers in baby bedding, spread on a surface for a fast nappy change, folded over the shoulder for belching, or used to cover a baby while breastfeeding for privacy.

Depending on the design, a receiving blanket may be square or rectangular. Many are reversible, and some have one side which is additional soft for the baby’s skin, and another side made of a moisture-resistant material to stop seepage during belching and nappy changes. Bright colours are ordinarily used, since babies appear to make a response to and enjoy brightly coloured objects in their environment, though more toned down pastel versions are also available.

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