Protect Your Legs With Compression Socks

Compression socks are socks that are specially designed to protect the legs and the feet. Many people suffer from diseases such as varicose veins, thrombosis, leg ulcers, and other diseases, where the tissues of the legs are damaged. This can result in inadequate blood circulation in the legs. People, who have to stand for long hours as a part of their duty, also suffer leg cramps. Compression socks are a boon for all these people.

Compression socks are designed in such a way, that it will fit the legs properly and create adequate pressure on the legs. The socks support the legs and eases away the pain. The compression is maximum at the ankles and gradually reduces as the socks move upwards. As a result, the blood circulation in the legs improves and the person is relieved of leg cramps.

Let us see a few varieties of compression socks:

Jobst compression socks: These socks are considered as one of the best compression socks. Moreover, these are economically priced as compared to other brands. Jobst has a wide variety of socks for women in varying lengths such as thigh high and knee length. Like wise, for men too, these are available in different colors and lengths.

Juzo compression socks are available for both men and women. For men, these socks are available in three different varieties, moderate, firm, and extra firm. The moderate socks range from 15 to 20mmhg. Whereas, the firm socks range from 20mmhg to 30mmhg. The extra firm socks range from 30mmhg to 40mmhg.
For women, these socks are available in differing lengths such as knee high compression socks, ankle length socks and thigh high compression socks.

If you are suffering from severe leg problems such as varicose veins, varicosities, active venous ulcerations, lymph edema, or severe edema, then you can select extra firm Juzo compression socks. You need to consult your doctor, and need to buy these socks as per your doctor’s recommendations.

When you buy medical compression socks, always buy the socks as per the doctor’s advice. The socks should be neither loose nor too tight. The antibacterial property of these socks protects your feet and provides warmth. Whichever brand of socks you choose, ensure that the socks are porous in construction. This will allow free air circulation and keep your feet and legs free from moisture. You need to change these socks at regular intervals for optimum effect.

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