Preparing a Wedding List for the Groom

Although, a wedding is quite a merry affair, it requires a lot of planning and strategies at each and every level. Most of you might fall in the category of people who hate making lists, but the most successful wedding events can never get started without having proper wedding lists in place. Weddings lists can be of different types like the list of guests, the list of gifts and so on. But one of the most important wedding lists is the one which serves as a personal check list for the groom. This is because the one who is getting married has to take care of a lot of things so that everything runs smoothly on the wedding day.

To start with, a groom’s wedding list should include activities like announcing the engagement to all the near and dear ones, picking out the ring and discussing the plans as well as budget for the upcoming wedding with all the concerned people. In addition to this, there are some important activities like coordinating the guest list, discussing and finalizing the honeymoon plans with your fiancée, going through the gift registry process, picking your tuxedo and other accessories and arranging transportation for the ceremony. All these activities will have to take place a couple of months before the impending ceremony.

Once the wedding is only 2-3 months away, the wedding list will have some additional items like completing the guest list, choosing gifts for the bride and dinner rehearsal plans and many other important things, like choosing the right piece from a range of wedding Sherwani for men.  Also, you will be required to get a wedding license and adjust your bank accounts, utilities, etc.

Having a wedding list that time will give you enough breathing space on the biggest day of your life as you will not be caught up in some kind of a last minute rush to finish off pending stuff.

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