Mens Socks

Mens socks often remain a neglected part of clothing. Men do not pay as much attention to their socks as they would pay to accessories such as ties and belts. This is probably because socks remain hidden under the trousers. However, when you sit, you show your socks without realizing. Therefore, it is prudent to pay attention to what socks you are wearing.

Let us see how socks can act as a turn off for you. You will look shabby and shoddy when:

You show your unclean socks
Your toe is peeping out of the hole in the socks.
Your socks do not match with your pants.
You wear white socks with formal wear.

There are various types of socks available in the market. Generally, the fabric used in socks is cotton, nylon, or wool. 100% cotton mens socks are ideal for summer. Cotton socks absorb the moisture and sweat and keep your feet dry. If you are suffering from any kind of skin disease, then you should always prefer to wear cotton socks. Mens wool socks are worn in winter. As the temperature drops, you will need to protect your feet from cold. Wool socks will provide warmth to the feet. You can even wear these socks at home during winter. Nylon socks fit well and are stretchable. However, these will not keep your feet dry or protect you from cold.

Let us see some of the special types of socks:

Diabetic Mens Socks: If you are suffering from diabetes, then it is crucial to protect your feet from getting any type of infection and injury. For this, you can wear special type of socks called diabetes socks. These socks have double padding to protect your feet. Certain socks have gel padding. These provides cushion for the feet and protects the feet from injury. It is better to take your doctor’s advice before you buy these socks.

Mens Support Socks: These socks are especially designed for men who are suffering from poor blood circulation in legs, or when the valves of the veins in the legs are damaged. These are even suitable for those who have to stand for long hours. You can ask your doctor for recommending support socks. There is ample variety available in the market for these socks.

Mens Hiking Socks: If you are involved in adventure sports like skiing and hiking, then you will need special socks to protect your feet. You can buy either liner socks or socks with insulation.

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