Make Men Melt When You Show Up

Your style choices play a major role on how you feel about yourself and in turn how others see you! Every woman has some sort of a defect, but no matter what, with the right steps, you can make it go unnoticed.

Small slip-ups can easily be covered if you stand on a proper posture. Walk with confidence and grace, with your head held up high and your shoulders straight. This way you will have an air of certainty and confidence to impress those around you. As an added bonus to that, you will also look taller…

When it comes to choosing the right style of your clothes, in general, you have to trust your intuition and your personal taste. Ladies clothes that emphasize your personality and character are always more attractive and tasteful. Experiment! Try different styles and clothes – even those you would not dare to try before. The results may easily excite you!

Do not feel attached to a particular color in your stylistic choices. Try something brighter, something darker. I am sure there is a good chance you’ll be amazed!

Watch yourselves in the mirrors of the changing rooms. Make sure to note though, that sometimes these mirrors can be misleading since they make you look thinner. If you know that something doesn’t look good on you, then it doesn’t look good on you. It won’t change within a day or two unless if you have made some radical changes in your appearance.

Consult fashion magazines, but always watch out because the clothes that look good on these models with their perfect bodies will most likely not go hand in hand with our, normal gals, silhouette. You do not force yourself to wear something that does not flatter you…you should just follow the fashion!

Try and have many neutral color clothes so that you can experiment and make different combinations.
If you wish to cover a specific area of your body and ladies clothes off the rack just don’t cut it for you, take the courage to visit a stylist! They will definitely offer some advice or make custom clothes just for you.
Avoid sudden weight loss or gain (of course). If you do, most of your clothes will never be just the right size. Stabilize your weight! A little extra weight is just fine.

Never wear very tight tights. They make your body look asymmetrical!

Avoid excessive nudity in your night outs. It just makes you look cheap. Remember… men prefer a little mystery! Let them discover something for themselves for once, and you’ll see them try even harder.

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