Looking Into Men’s Running Shorts

When shopping for a new pair of men’s running shorts, how good of a fit you get depends not only on waist size, but a number of other options. And todays’ market gives you more options than ever.

The first thing that most people take into consideration is the appearance. How they fit the individual’s build, personality and style. You need something that you are going to want people to see you in. After the obvious choice of colour, the question of how much of you will be showing, comes up. The length of running shorts varies from one to seven inches, measured from the inseam, although I have seen some women’s running shorts which don’t seem to make even the one inch minimum. Also important in self revealing choices is that of standard waistline vs low risers.

Another factor is the choice of material. Adidas offers what it calls Climacool Technology, for heat and moisture management, while New Balance had developed Xstatic Fibres designed for odour control. Also, “Breathable” is a popular phrase used by most manufacturers to describe their materials of choice.

Something that you need to take into consideration is undergarments. Many styles of men’s running shorts come with a permanently installed inner brief. Just pull them on and you are ready to go. There are also shorts which require an undergarment, traditionally a jock strap, but more often now a pair of compression shorts . Compression shorts are skin tight, made of Spandex, and come in a wide variety of colours and designs, very close in appearance to biking shorts.

Other options include the elasticized waist band versus drawstring, or a combination of both, which would come in handy if you are planning to reduce your waistline. Pockets come in different types, and ever appear on some women’s running shorts. Some come with a pocket just large enough for keys or a credit card, that opens from the inside and attaches to the waistband. Others include a zippered rear pocket, that can be used for nutrition packets or even a wallet.

Lastly we come to price. If you’re doing a few miles a week, budget knock off’s can be purchased fairly cheaply, and will look good for your occasional trot through the park. But if you’re logging some serious mileage, you’ll be better off splashing into the highest price range you can afford, where the shorts wear much better, and will be worth it in the long run.

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