Look Slimmer With White Pants

Of course, you know that black pants can instantly slim you and reduce the size of your butt and waist with very little effort but did you know that white pants can also do the same thing? Not many people know this because like you already know it’s not that easy to find white bottoms in the first place.

When you place a pair of white pants on you in the dressing room, make sure to look on all sides of your body. You want to make sure that the crouch part isn’t too close and creating a line around your thighs. This would be a sign that they are too tight and you could risk getting a rash around that area.

Check the laundry and ironing services and their care rules. I recommend this for all clothing because you never know if a piece must be dry cleaned. It is never fun to find out your favorite pair of pants requires dry cleaning when you know you can’t afford it. Most white clothes require bleach and to be washed within similar colors, but always make sure because some are not supposed to be dried in the dryer.

In terms of style, I would suggest that you pair your pants with a looser bright colored top. The top should be looser than your pants, because you are trying to bring attention to your butt and waist. If your top is tight, it will most likely bring attention to your breasts. Try to also cover up your breasts as much as you can when wearing white pants to a special occasion. Pairing your pants with a bright color versus a neutral color will also draw attention to them. However, I don’t recommend wearing an overly patterned shirt because it might distract from the pants completely.

Lastly the best thing about white pants is that they look great with both flats and high heels. If you are planning to wear flats, then use a pair of shoes that elongates your feet so that the shoes show past the end of the pants. In this case, you should also use a contrasting or neutral color. Furthermore, bear in mind that ballet shoes match great with white colored pants.

When it comes to high heels, you would want to wear the pants with heels that elongate your feet both up and out. Most people wear gladiator shoes with white linen pants because they are flat normally but also elongate your feet both up and out.

If you follow all these tips mentioned above properly, then you will definitely lose at least a couple of inches from both your waist and hips. White pants are hard to find but they are well worth the search, because if you do your research properly and find the right pair, you will astonish your friends with it!

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