Learn in detail about thread related craft

Thread is an ancient element being by the mankind for many meaningful purposes since the centuries. The use of thread changed with the passage of time and it is still continued being used in various ways. Some of the best examples where the thread was and being used in manufacturing hand crafted materials like hand woven textiles made from silk, jute and cotton threads, weaving floor spreads like carpets and rugs with threads, knitting beautiful winter wear, fishing nets, commercial carry bags, embroideries, lace work, making knitted caps and plenty other accessories for life. Even today, where technology has reached or machines are not available; threads are still being used as one of the specialized craft to prepare articles based on threads. Those threaded articles are now become the identity of those areas. Thread is a multipurpose element and it is widely used everywhere with diverse purposes. Thread is the basic element to prepare rope, stitch cloth and shoes, weaving textiles using various types of colored, making eye catching and pleasing embroidery etc. Who can forget those exquisite creations made using silk threads during traditional days? Those mesmerizing creations made from the threads are still preserved in many parts of the world. The thread work used to be quite tedious when done using manual means. With the invention of technology, most of the manual work is replaced by the effectual machines. Only the form of manufacturing has been changed, not the thread. The content of the thread changed but the main element is still the same and being used in diverse manufacturing.

Selecting the right type of threads for embroidery or any other manufacturing is highly significant as the product design and look largely depend upon the quality of the thread. Like to do various types of embroidery, the craftsman or machine may require many types and colored threads. The selection of threads mainly depends on sew ability, seam performance and appearance, availability and cost. Nowadays, threads are made from various natural and synthetic materials such as cotton, silk, jute, rayon, polyester, metallic, Mylar etc.
Rayon: The thread manufactured from rayon has a great sheen and it gives the elegant look to the embroidery made using this type of threads. Rayon threads are available in the range of multicolor combination or twisted together making a single thread. The rayon thread is not very durable due to its thinness.
Polyester: This type of thread is more durable and attractive compared to others. The advantage of using this thread is it does not shrink or fed, cost effective and nearly undetectable if combined with rayon thread.
Cotton: Due to its texture, it allows wide range of tension adjustments, having beautiful sheen and very durable and it is the basic element for any type of embroidery.

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