Ladies Clothing Guide For Clueless Men

If you are like most men, then when it comes to buyingladies clothes you are clueless. Come on now, admit it! If you are anything like my husband then I know you need some major help. With the holidays coming up you will probably go to the same ladies clothing store you always go to and buy some ridiculously overpriced item that she would not want to be caught dead in. If she wears it at all it is only to make you happy. I know you are trying to impress her but when it comes to ladies clothes there are few basic rules you need to know.

First of all, I know that negligee looks great on the manikin, but you need to take into consideration your lady’s body size and type! If you aren’t exactly sure, glance at a few labels while she’s not looking. Ladies clothes shopping isn’t as easy as it looks! I would stay away from ladies shoes, you are not Prince Charming and size is everything. Nothing is more painful than a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit! Depending on her size you need to go into the correct department like:

• Plus size ladies clothes
• Tall ladies clothing
• The Misses size department
• The Junior Department
• Petite ladies clothing

And that’s just to name a few! Next you have to think about exactly what it is you are looking for. Are you considering designers ladies clothing or cheap ladies clothes? (Not to say that designers clothing cannot be inexpensive, but they tend to be pricey.) Are you looking at ladies dresses or ladies t-shirts? Always keep in mind what you see her wearing. This is a pretty good indication that she likes those colors and styles. Remember, you are shopping for HER, not for YOU!

Finally, figure out where you will be shopping! There are ladies clothes shops in every mall. For instance, for plus size ladies clothing you can try Lane Bryant. You might find discount ladies clothes stores in the plaza down the street. Or you can shop online! For trendy ladies fashion clothes this is probably the very best place to look because you can do a Google search to find what is hot at the moment. Oh, and always look for ladies clothes on sale! Not only would she be proud of you if she knew what a great deal you got, but you can get her two things now instead of one.

Remember, shopping for ladies clothes is not an easy endeavor. Start early, take your time and always be aware of what SHE is wearing. If you find something that she really loves you will please HER and YOU will reap the benefits. Trust me on this. Now can one of you guys do me a favor? Please forward this guide to shopping for ladies clothing to my husband. HE REALLY NEEDS IT!

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