How To Layer Clothing With Your Bandeau Bra

The layering of clothes is a popular fashion trend. It is easy to pull off and can work well in many situations. Bandeau bras are the perfect layering accessory as many styles are such that they should be seen sneaking out from a jacket or low cut top or blouse. Layering clothes makes you look new and exciting and can be used at any time of the year.

Combine your strapless bandeau bra with a top that lets it peak out. Ideas include jackets, button up blouses where you leave the top few buttons undone, or deep scooped or v-necks. Try using colors in similar or contrasting shades for maximum impact. Exact color matches do not really work. Pattern or print designs or a lace bandeau bra will also work well with plain tops.

Alternatively you can combine them with tops made from sheer fabrics so that they can be seen easily. Bandeau bras with lined cups are best here.

You can also dress up a layered look using an off the shoulder top by combining with your bandeau bra and designer bra straps. Attach one of the many beaded, rhinestone or decorative fabric straps to your bandeau for a unique and fashionable look.

Sometimes layering can appear bulky. To avoid this work with loose garments over your figure hugging bandeau bra. Also keep your accessories to a minimum to avoid over cluttering your look.

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