How to Find Ivory Wedding Shoes On Sale

Most couples are looking for ways to save money on their wedding. It all adds up pretty quickly and it is necessary to find places to cut back and save. But most don’t want to cut back where they are sometimes advised to, such as in the wedding venue choice or the number of guests to invite. One place that money can be saved that is easily overlooked is the purchase of the smaller wedding accessories. Here are thinking especially of the wedding shoes, and specifically ivory wedding shoes for your ivory themed wedding.

It may actually be easier to save money on your wedding shoes than on a wedding dress. The reasons will become clearer as we suggest the steps to saving money.

One thing that you can do is to visit your local shoe stores, including discount shoe stores. What you are looking for are last season’s shoes which will be marked down and sometimes offered at a substantial discount. You may be thinking, but I don’t want to wear out of date shoes at my wedding. The fact is however that wedding shoes styles don’t change that quickly, so you should be alright.

There’s no guarantee that you will find your shoe size. You never know until you go and look, and while you might just find some other good shoe deals.

Second, and this requires getting a big jump on your wedding planning – look for your shoes toward the end of the busy wedding time of the year. That’s means you are on the search toward the end of the fall. Stores with a surplus of unsold shoes will be wanting to get them out the store. Visit the stores and even if the shoes are not marked down, ask the store clerk if they can offer the shoes at a discount. Often you will be talking to the store owner and they immediately have the authority to give you a discount. If not, ask to see the manger and ask them. It never hurts to ask. This may be your best bet for finding a nice pair ivory satin wedding shoes.

Third, look for discount shoe coupons. Yes, there are coupons for shoes too. Here we are thinking of the online shoe stores that generate business by offering coupon discounts – and they may even offer free shipping if you buy enough. That means buying other shoes you need or even shoes for your bridesmaids.

None of these things is guaranteed to work, but what’s more fun than shoe shopping?

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