From a World of Pink to a World of Armani Suits

During all of 2006, one young man living in Los Angeles County found himself in a world of pink. He had become the proud father of a baby girl. His wife liked to dress her “little princess” in pink. Today, that same young man operates in a world of Armani suits.

Now in 2006, that same young man did have one good looking man’s suit, although it was not an Armani suit. That young man was very careful about where he placed his suit whenever he got home. He wanted to carry out in style the role to which he had been assigned—the role of an assistant manager.

That young man had something in common with Sunny and Peter Poudyles, the two men from Nepal who own and operate the Thailand Tailor shop from which all Armani mens suits originate. All three men had led a simple life as children. At the same time, they had not allowed themselves to act childishly for very long. Thus they had taken on adult responsibilities at an early age.

All three men had made a conscientious decision to lead a meaningful life. There is no indication of where Sunny and Peter picked up their added level of determination. Maybe they had contact with a special couple that once lived in Nepal. That couple first lived in Nepal as members of the Peace Corps. Later they returned to that country, and let their son grow up surrounded by its culture.

That couple had once known the mother of the young man who spent 2006 in a world of pink. At that time, neither the couple from Nepal nor the young woman who they had befriended knew anything about Armani suits for men. Since the year when that same woman became a grandmother, that situation has begun to change.

Now as that grandmother searches for toys and books that would suit her granddaughter she also enjoys seeing her son in top quality suits—Armani men suits. She does not expect to see him in a Zoot suit, but she welcomes the day when he will arrive at her doorstep in a new black or gray stripe suit. She would be surprised to learn that her son had purchased a double breasted suit, but she would take pride in hearing about any plans to buy a mono chested Navy blue suit.

That mother and grandmother understands that the name Armani represents a product that is both classical and unique. That mother and grandmother always sought to teach her children basic virtues, even as she carried out some rather unique activities. Therefore, she is pleased to see her son wearing Armani suits.

That mother dreams about her son reading carefully the information on each suit—checking to see what features it contains. She hopes that he will take the time to read how many pockets each suit has on the outside and inside of the suit jacket. She hopes that he will become familiar with the phrase “fine wool,” a phrase that appears on the label of any true Armani suit.

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