Finding Relief with Diabetic Socks

A person suffering from diabetes is at a greater risk of being infected in feet. The disease is such that once the person is infected, the infection will not heal easily and the wound may become fatal. There are several instances where the diabetic patient had to get his feet amputated. Therefore, it is advisable for all diabetic persons to take due care of their feet. One of the simplest and probably the cheapest means of taking care of the feet are by wearing diabetic socks. There are several varieties of socks for diabetics available in the market. Let us have a look at some of them:

Cotton diabetic socks: Cotton socks absorb the moisture and keep the feet dry. These socks are seamless so that it does not create pressure on the feet. Buster Brown® Women’s Cotton Socks are made from pure cotton and are without elastic, to facilitate blood circulation. There are several colors available in women’s diabetic socks such as baby blue, pink, navy blue and brown.

Diabetic Crew Socks: These socks fit the foot properly but loosen as it moves up to the calf. This is to prevent pressure on the legs and facilitate blood circulation. The socks are made with soft fabric to prevent rashes or irritation to the skin. FootSmart Men’s / Women’s Diabetic Extra-Roomy Crew Socks are one of the popular crew socks. Even if the diabetic person has swollen legs, these socks will not create pressure on the legs. The toe closure is seamless to prevent irritation to the feet. The bacteria and the foot odor is prevented by the antimicrobial properties of the fabric. The acrylic keeps the feet comfortable and free from moisture. The inside of the socks has soft lining made in terry cloth, to make the socks extra comfortable to wear.

Diabetes Dress Socks: Now you can look stylish even in your diabetes socks. Most of the popular brands make designer diabetes socks, so that you will not be embarrassed to wear these socks. Mens diabetic 100% cotton black dress socks resemble normal dress socks; however, these have antimicrobial properties and protect the feet.

Persons suffering from diabetes have to take care of their feet. When you buy diabetes socks, ensure that you buy superior quality socks. It is advisable to buy at least 3 to 4 pairs of diabetic socks, so that you can wear a fresh and clean pair of socks every day.

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