Evolution of denim for clothing business

Denim industries have flourished from old classic 70’s and 80’s to the present era we stand today, denim jeans from just simple clothing to stylish, trendy, iconic clothing have traveled and achieved the acknowledgement of the people regardless of gender, age from their wants turning into needs.

Denim jeans manufacturers have struggled to come up with newest styles, innovation and creativity to satisfy the people of the world, besides it has also with period of time encouraged entrepreneurs, and has also served the world with employment and new ways of establishing businesses through franchising, branding, import and export etc.

Denim at first was only famous for its blue color and toughness of the fabric that made it to wear almost anywhere and the durability of the denim clothing was long-lasting, but with the passage of time, new fashion trends and new innovations and techniques denim apparels categorized into various types, denim skirts, caps, handbags, and so many more, but not only limited to be categorized into limitless product lines, denim jeans itself have been seen in various styles, and innovations that became fashion and ultimate need of people in clothing.

The potential of more success and fortune of denim jeans, It can be estimated with a fashion survey conducted in USA which resulted that an average American have 7 to 8 pairs of jeans and may be even more but not less, and above 80% of women with the demographics of 16 – 55 of age rely on denim jeans as their favorite garment, and as per business and entrepreneurs aspect concerned, more than 84% of fashion designers and potential customers who prefer denim jeans as their favorite.

We know that denim jeans have a lot more to offer, but what we have today is not limited, denim jeans have progressed, and different types are widely seen in the market, first there were stone-wash denim jeans, and now there are colored denim jeans, printed denim jeans, with even more styles and fabric combinations, more comfortable, relaxing, and stylish.

Manufacturers from all over the world are engaged in producing denim apparel and they are engaged in import and export business too, wholesalers, suppliers, brand outlets, everyone has been entertained with denim jeans products and satisfying the people with quality and style, however the competition has been reached to a different level and the quality of denim apparel has been seen in various bands, along with the quality you have to maintain the prices of the products to stay in the market and survive, market positioning and brand image of huge denim jeans brands such as Levi’s, Wrangler dominate the market with their premium quality products. But cost-effective production and high-quality of denim apparel has been widely spread to the market by China which is giving a tough time to huge brands but on the other hand it has opened a new gateway for suppliers, distributors and wholesalers of denim jeans.

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