Colorful Zebra Luggage for Your Trip

Traditional types of zebra luggage contained only black and white, which people always called them as zebra striped luggage. However the demand on this unique luggage bag has made them become the highly demanded case in luggage bag shops. As such luggage bag designers and manufacturers started to develop new designs and patterns of these luggage bags. They tend to play with the colors for these luggage bags. Pink zebra and lime green zebra luggage for examples, are the results and efforts from luggage bag developer from this concern. In connection with that, here comes some interesting color series of zebra luggage set that might good for your knowledge.

Pink Zebra Luggage

This is a popular zebra luggage set beside black and white zebra luggage bag. The only reason make them popular is because of they are outstanding, even more outstanding than the traditional black and white color of zebra luggage. The luggage bag is recognized as the luggage bag for woman, especially for young girls. Again, the reason is very simple, because they are offered in pink. Unlike other color series of zebra luggage sets, this bag needs special care. You need to careful when cleaning them.

Blue Zebra Luggage Set

Blue zebra luggage set is the suitable case when you find pink zebra luggage set is not suitable for your, perhaps if pink zebra luggage is for woman, then this one should to go to man. This type of luggage bag is believed smart in image and practical in use. The luggage set is made with blue canvas cotton and they are nicely crafted with black striped lining. For me, blue zebra luggage is much more unique than pink zebra luggage or green zebra luggage.

Coffee Zebra Luggage

If you find pink, green and blue zebra luggage looks too funky and chubby, then you can consider getting a coffee or cream color background of zebra luggage. This type of zebra luggage set is believed in mature image. They look more stable and serious although bits of fun element shown through the overall image of zebra lining. This type of zebra luggage bag is suitable to carry by elder people.

Green Zebra Luggage Case or Bag

This zebra luggage case is as popular as pink zebra luggage. They are the favorite case for green lover. However not all people can accept green base zebra tripe luggage. People still prefer to go for traditional color combination of zebra luggage like black and white zebra luggage bag.

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