Choosing the Right Pleated Trousers

A nice pair of formal pleated trousers can perfectly transform your look, taking you from casual to smart in a matter of seconds. The influence of the pleated trouser is determined by one enormous factor that is whether they are suitable for you or not. No matter how luxurious or stylish the make or how big the trademark, if you choose a pair of formal pleated trousers that is too short or that bags around the crotch, you’ll have undone all your good work and will look more zero than her.

You could find that you feel you’ve done everything right, you took your sizes and choose the corresponding size right and can’t understand why your pleat trousers just don’t seem to suit you. Well, elegance has a lot to do with it too, meaning you should pay attention to the types of cut on offer as well as the sizes they come in. For a start, if you’re short, then you want to choose trousers without pleats as these can make short legs look stocky and turn to slim cut trousers that have a low rise. If you’re short and heavy, you also want them to be full cut, but if you’re slim just remember to choose trousers with a shorter inseam.

If you’re tall however, you’re lucky in that most style of trousers will suit you – as long as you buy them long enough in the inseam. Tall and thin guys might want to consider boot cut trousers to help them balance out their look, while those you are a little portly will be better suited to flat panel trousers that have a full cut. Anybody carrying weight around their stomach should have a think about straight cuts without pleats a trim cut will help disguise your stomach more successfully. If you have a smaller waist but have larger things, you’d be better off with pleated trousers, as these will conceal the fullness of your thighs and give you a more consistent silhouette.

Choose the mens formal trousers that best suit your body shape and you’re sure to find that they will be perfect in all kinds of situations from important meets to formal occasions such as weddings or even nights out on the town. And remember that it makes sense to buy longer if you’re unsure, you can always have them taken up if needed.
Anyhow men’s pleated trousers are again gaining popularity among the youths and teenagers. These trousers look very attractive in full-cut and skinny designs. In the international fashion markets, these kinds of trousers are in great demand. Some of the other formal wears that are popular these days are short sleeve shirts, stripes and floral pattern outfits.

The supermarkets, shopping malls and other garment stores have been the preferred places for shopping the pleated trousers. Now, the online shopping portals have come into the picture and they are offering the customers many lucrative deals and schemes on their site. You will find all kinds of these trousers at affordable prices on these websites.

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