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Receiving Blankets: A Parent’s Guide

A receiving blanket is a soft, light blanket which is used to wrap a baby. There are a number of uses for receiving blankets, and many new mums like to keep a stack round the house for diverse jobs. Blankets are sometimes given as gifts at baby showers or parties to celebrate a new mummy, and they're widely available from stores which stock baby supplies. These blankets are huge enough to wrap a baby soundly without being unwieldy. As well as being a traditional convention, swaddling also seems to be useful for babies, as it can help calm them down.

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Baby Clothing Store Now Open

Just a quick message to let everyone know that we have added new baby clothing store pages to this site. We will be adding more but at the moment we have store pages for designer, organic cotton and girls clothing for babies. The pages have information about each type of clothing and also some places where you can buy them at discounted prices. If there is a specific type of page you want to see, just let us know. We hope to have a good range of store pages up by the end of this month. We have already planned

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