Baby Crib Mattresses

Your baby’s crib is the heart of your nursery as most of your (and baby’s) activities are going to revolve around it. Your baby is likely to rest most of the time in the crib. So, it is essential that the crib mattress is cozy, supports the growing bones of the infant, and should at least last for three years. Hence, you have to be very careful in selecting the right baby crib mattress.

Much like adult’s beds, the crib mattresses are of two types: foam and innerspring. It will be useful if you know the characteristics of both kinds so that you can take a good decision. The foam mattresses are generally cheaper, but are usually less durable and lose shape easier compared to the innerspring mattresses. Often people prefer them because of their lightweight that makes changing sheets easier. You should also keep in mind that high-density foam is better than the low-density foams, so go for density and not foam thickness.

The innerspring mattresses are normally more durable and maintain their shapes for longer period of time. They are somewhat heavier too, that may or may not be an issue with some people. They are in general a little more expensive compared the foam mattresses. Their firmness depends upon the number of coils or springs; the more the number of springs, the firmer the mattresses are.

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