Baby Changing Pads

Pregnancy brings a lot of excitement for the would-be mother. This is also a period for preparing for the arrival of the newborn baby. For the first time mothers, it is also a time for learning about baby care and setting up the nursery. Baby’s safety and hygiene are two most important functions and should get maximum attention. Needless to say, timely diaper or nappy change and cleaning are particularly important to maintain hygiene. The baby changing pads provide safety during diaper change. When packed with some wipes and diapers they also make a perfect baby shower gift.

The changing pads are also often called changing mats. They should last for about 2 years without splitting or cracking until your baby is in nappies. They are normally made of foam padding covered in some easy-to-wipe PVC sheet; hence, even the simplest changing pad will provide a hygienic and cozy surface to put your baby for nappy changing. They generally have raised sides to protect the baby from falling off and are machine washable. They are often designed to store a set of wipes and diapers also.

Practically everyone will agree if we say that diapers are the most important accessories of all baby things. The diaper bags and the changing pads are also essential accessories for keeping diapers at one place and changing diapers whenever the baby makes a mess. The basic utility of the changing pads is to first secure the baby with the help of a safety strap and then change the diaper safely. But innovative ideas have entered in the designs of these pads and they serve you in many useful ways.

A search on the Internet will throw up a large variety of baby changing pads in terms of material used, designs as well as costs. The changing pads at the higher end are generally more durable, won’t split, and use waterproof material. You also get musical pads with built in sound effects; so diaper-changing time can become entertaining time for both you and the baby. But you have to ensure that the music will not disappear after a few diaper changes!

If you have a changing unit or table, you may like to check the dimensions of the changing pad so that you don’t end up buying a changing pad that is larger than the table. If you envisage frequent travels with your baby, you can buy travel changing pads. They are designed to get folded or rolled up, thus making them easy to carry. These foldable pads are also handy if you are living in a small house or when you can’t have a dedicated space for baby care.

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