Are Caravan Holidays Back In Fashion? ~ GP

Commercial-use caravans were already being produced when the idea of caravanning for fun first emerged in the. Caravan manufacture stopped abruptly with the onset of the Second World War before picking back up in the late  and 50s as people looked for low-budget ways to holiday along the British coast. Today, caravan holidays seem to be back in vogue. The most recent figures show a 15% rise in the number of people booking caravanning and camping holidays. There is something about the freedom and flexibility of a caravan holiday that appeals. Plus, in times of austerity when the economy isn’t looking particularly healthy, caravan holidays are also growing in popularity as a money saving option. Even when times are hard, taking a break and getting away from it all is as important as ever. Us Brits aren’t ones to forgo our annual holidays in a hurry but we have to adapt to changing times. People from all walks of life are ditching the costly foreign vacation and opting for a stayction instead. The UK is well equipped for caravanners with a plethora of sites on offer. A miniature home from home, with a caravan you don’t need to worry about the hassle of putting up tent poles in rain and wind. One you’re unhitched and have connected water and gas lines you’re good for the night.If you’re interested in buying or renting a caravan you might want to have a browse on  for the latest deals.

Britain’s relatively small size, at least by comparison to many other countries, means that in a caravan you can cover a lot of ground. In one trip you could get from Pembrokshire in Wales to Lochaber in Scotland as well as seeing the hundreds of places in between. You don’t need a lot of notice to book in at a site so if a town or village catches your eye meaning with very little effort, you can find yourself a spot for the evening. A strong signal that caravanning is back in fashion is when celebrities start doing it. Margaret Beckett MP is one famous caravan convert, alongside comedian Marcus Brigstocke, TV chef Jamie Oliver, presenters Linda Barker and Carol Smillie, musician Jay Kay and actress Dame Helen Mirren. Many celebs cite the ‘togetherness’ spirit of the outdoor holiday as a key factor for choosing caravanning, while others view it as the best option when you have small children or a canine companion to consider.

And now, plans to bring caravan design up to date are afoot with designers releasing images of colourful high tech pods that can be towed behind your car. Fully furnished with gadgets and gizmos, the collapsible domes are lightweight enough to be comfortably pulled by even the smallest of vehicles. Once you stop at a site however, they stretch out to provide a spacious and modern temporary home. The pods also feature curtainless windows that change from transparent to shaded night-mode at the flick of a switch.

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