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Embroidery and thread related art and craft have always been an important part of our culture. It has always adorned our clothes, beddings, walls and floors and craft materials. Thread related craft can include: knitting warm clothes with woolen threads, weaving floor and wall spreads like rugs and carpets, fishing nets, jute bags and other commercial bags, silk and cotton threads for embroidery on clothes, and many other accessories. Thread is a multi purpose and widely used raw material. It is the main component used in stitching clothes, shoes and bags, weaving textiles using colourful threads of different types, to prepare ropes and in making beautiful and attractive embroidery.

Other than the craftsmen many house wives also know the art of knitting and doing embroidery. To make your beautiful piece of embroided art even more beautiful and pleasing you should use the right and a good quality thread. There are various types of threads available for the same:
– Rayon Threads: This is one of the most commonly used embroidery thread. It is a soft thread, available in many vibrant colours. It is easily available in markets and online. It is durable and does not break easily and is suitable for all types of machines.But it is less elastic than polyester thread.
– Polyester Thread: It is the most popular embroidery used. It is economical and easily available. It is available in many colours, and it does not fade or bleed which is why it is the most popular among craftsmen. It is durable and strong like rayon and does not break easily. But it is less temprature tolerant than rayon thread. Polyester threads are also of three types :
1. Spun Poly
2. Trilobal Poly
3. Filament Poly.

-Cotton Threads: It is a 100% natural fiber thread that can provide various specific results. These are available in many finishes. It is suitable for high speed embroidery machines. It is soft, durable and adjustable in nature but it is not as strong as polyester thread and lack its lustre. It is also available in many finishes like : Gassed, Glazed, Mercerdized and Cotton Wrapped Poly.
-Silk Threads: This thread gives the most beautiful and smooth finish to embroidery. It absorbs dye better than any other above mentioned threads. It is full of sheen and is as durable as polyester. They are most expensive ones but they give the best results.
-Nylon Threads: These are synthetic threads which are used to give a fuzzy texture. It is not widely used as it is very less temprature tolerant, is not colour fast and is not very durable despite of the fact that it is strong.
-Metallic threads: These threads have a metallic look to them and can produce beautiful embroidery full of lustre. Their quality can vary from very high to very low, so one has to be careful while choosing.
So choose any of these threads and keep the art of embroidery alive.

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