Are Caravan Holidays Back In Fashion? ~ GP

Commercial-use caravans were already being produced when the idea of caravanning for fun first emerged in the. Caravan manufacture stopped abruptly with the onset of the Second World War before picking back up in the late  and 50s as people looked for low-budget ways to holiday along the British coast. Today, caravan holidays seem to ….  Read More

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Threads with long lasting life

Mostly, the threads of polyester, cotton and poly-cotton are used for production of various fabrics. Whenever, you are on a sewing project, you should always ensure the content of fiber, while you select your threads. First of all, you must select a suitable colored thread, which harmonizes perfectly with the color that is dominant in ….  Read More

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Get skilled at thread related craft

Many people have acquired an expertise in thread related craft. This is an ancient art mainly applied to prepare beautiful textile from cotton and silk threads, carpets and rugs using jute and woolen materials, creating beautiful and exotic embroideries using multi colored silk threads. During the traditional days when machines were not invented, all the ….  Read More

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Cotton threads- great in quality

The cotton threads are extremely superior in regard to the quality. It is made from the cotton plant. The fabric made from the cotton thread is extreme durable and the best amongst other fabrics. Like the linen and rayon, the cotton threads are also abstracted from a plat. The cotton thread also has a characteristic ….  Read More

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